Breakfast and Lunch

Served All Day


Monday-Saturday   6am-8pm

Sunday   6am-5pm

National Holidays   6am-3pm

Drive Thru/Carry Out   217-525-5939

Daily Lunch Specials 

Includes a soft drink and french fries w/ sandwich lunch
special which you may substitute for side salad, cup of soup
or chili, coleslaw or cottage cheese
(1 0:00am-3:00pm)

Monday: Ham, turkey, roast beef or steak burger ponyshoe ... $8.99

Tuesday: Taco salad  $8.99 Chicken taco salad ... $9.99

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin sandwich with mayo and lettuce . . . $8.99

Thursday: Double steak burger . .. $8.99

Friday: Fish sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tartar sauce ... $8.99